Friday, July 11, 2008

Colorado Rockies Such Beauty

We have been traveling thru Colorado the last couple of days. We only go about 25o miles or so every day. Try to stop off and on and check out antique stores or local cafes.

Yesterday we found a big antique mall called The Brass Armadillo. It is so big that you would need more than one day to see everything. We had planned to stay and go to the flea market in Denver but decent affordable campsites could not be found so off we went and this is how we came across the Brass Armadillo.
Stayed at a wallmart parking lot last night. Even tho it is posted no RV parking there was a couple of RV's parked with one having a note that manager had okayed them parking.
Nothing ventured nothing gained so we went inside to see if we could stay and all was okay for one night. Nice and quiet except for the big flag flapping all night.
Today we drove thru the Colorado Rockies and such beauty. Every curve was breath taking. We have driven this route before but I am never tried of it. Stopped at a rest stop and got some great photos.
We stopped early and have a great internet connection for the first time in days, so decided to sit and listed items to sell on ebay. Spooky is getting crowded and wants us to clear out some of this stuff.
Night for now all .... Each day is a blessing , live it as it may be your last. Smile at a stranger, pet a dog, engage a child in a conversation.... ( met the cutest little girl yesterday at breakfast. She walks in with her mama and she is wearing a pink cowboy hat, pink shorts, oink shirt and carrying a pink Dora purse. She sits behind us so of course I have to compliment her on her hat and purse ... kids are so much fun... ) and last but not least tell your sweety you love him or her.

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