Monday, July 7, 2008

Minnesota Saying Good Bye for Now

Well we left Minnesota on Sunday July 6th , home of 4 of 5 children and 10 of 13 grandchildren, my daddy , other family members and several friends.

We had planned to go to Minnesota for a couple of weeks and then travel some but seemed to want to spend a little more time with everyone. So the traveling will be from California and back to California. Will have to go east and south another time.

Spent several nights and days off and on with my best friend Alison and her husband Cecil. They were so generous to us. Not only letting us and wanting us to park outside of their home but going as far as feeding us 3 square meals a day. This is one of Alison's rules and I don't want to cross by buddy Alison. I would lose any how. She makes yeast rising waffles to die for. Cecil will be starting some medical treatment so give a thought and prayer for my buddy Cecil. What a sweetie he is.

We spent time with children and grandchildren, sharing meals and reading books, grandson jacob spent one night camping in his backyard with us in our motor home. He thought that was great. He is full of wonderful stories and amazes me as I listen to him.

We visited with our friends Barb and Mike and spend a few nights at their house in our motor home. They are in South St Paul where I had my bookstore for over 15 years so felt like I was back home. Visited with friends at T & T Cafe in South St. Paul, Minnesota. If you ever find your self there it is worth the visit. Jeff the owner and number uno cook is a good friend and a great cook. Say Hey from Lowell and Grace to Jeff and the staff.

Last stop was in Alden Minnesota with dear old friends David and Cheryl. Spent two nights there visiting with them and their two dogs. This is a very quiet small rural town where we sat on the porch and watched what went by. Lowell and I joined them at a trap shoot. Both Dave and Cheryl enjoy this sport and spending time with their friends. They had a huge pot luck and everyone made us feel very welcome. The hostess even went as far to invite us back next holiday if we are in the area.
So with that I bid you all good night and will continue our adventures with you soon.
Remember life is short so have an adventure every day

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