Sunday, March 8, 2009

Life Goes On

Much has happened since my last post. It has been almost a year since I was here.We had a great adventure crossing the US from Minnesota back home to California. We saw many beautiful sites. I loved driving through Colorado and Utah. The scenery was breathtaking.Gas prices were higher than we expected on that trip. Our Internet business slowed down during the trip and even after we arrived home. This has made it hard to want to even travel anywhere after.My father suffered from dementia for over 10 years. I flew to Minnesota to be with him when he was in the hospital at least once. In September of 2008 he ended up in the hospital again and it did not look good for him. At that point we packed up the motor home and took off with Spooky the cat to head back to Minnesota. We were on our way driving across the US again; my sister was flying in from Houston and my brother and sons were waiting for me.We got to the border of Colorado and Nebraska when my sister called to report that Dad was doing much better and maybe we could turn around to return to California. We got as far as Sterling, Colorado and dear hubby started to feel ill. We checked him into the emergency room. After being seen by the doctor we spent that night parked in the Hospital parking lot. After a great breakfast at this local cafĂ© (name unknown) we started driving. My sixtieth birthday was days away and hubby suggested stopping in Las Vegas to celebrate. We no sooner registered at the Circus Circus RV park, got set up and walked to the casino and my sister called again. Dad had turned for the worse. Now was the time to get an airplane ticket, leave hubby and Spooky to finish the trip home to California and fly to be with my Dad, my sister, brother, sons and other members of family.It was a sad time in Duluth; my dad passed away September 15th, just days after my birthday. His family surrounded him. We spent our time praying, reminiscing about our times with him, and telling him how much we love himWe had a small beautiful funeral in the Cemetery Chapel. My daughter in law Sue is in school to be a minister. She preformed the service and did a wonderful job. She knew daddy and that made it special. My hubby could not be with me, but his brother Ken came to the funeral. I never doubted he would come, he is that kind of guy. Behind daddy’s casket was this large window. As you looked out you saw the most beautiful trees that had turned the most wonderful fall colors. After the service we buried Dad next to Mama.2 days later I flew home to California.Since then we have sold the motor home and decided to move to Houston. We will be nearer my sister and her family, closer to Minnesota where our children and grandchildren are.By the end of April another adventure starts. I hope that you will join us in our travels. It may not be in a motor home but will still be an adventure for this family.As you join me here please feel free to comment. I have also started another blog on my adventure tighting the grocery budget. Here is the link.

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