Friday, September 11, 2009

May We Never Forget

Today is a day we need to take some time and remember that horrible day in our history and pray for all those we lost and their familys.
May we never forget.... God Bless America

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boston Massachuetts Flash Back to 2001

I love to travel. There is so many beautiful places to visit here in the United States.
I love New York, Washington DC and Boston the most. Of course I have yet been able to travel to Europe or anywhere outside of the US except briefly to Canada and the border towns of Mexico so all could change.

There is so much history to be found in Boston. There is Paul Revere's Home, North Church, and Century Old Cemeteries. Some where one of my ancestors is buried among those graves. While in Boston there was so much to see and so much to do. We ran out of time and did not have a chance to research where this grandmother was buried. Some day in the future I hope I will walk the streets of Boston again.

We stayed at the Copley Square Hotel. It was nice and close to all the tourist sights.
We took the tour of the Ship "Constitution ". We at fish by the harbor and clam chowder at a small vendor stand outside by the harbor.

It was so fun to tour the Boston Tea Party Boat. The young people working are so friendly

Hope that you have enjoyed my remembrance of Boston Massachusetts