Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Traveling The Roads of Texas on a Budget

Sure do miss traveling. We are now in Texas, Houston area and not out traveling at this time. Spooky is doing just fine and probably happy that she is not on the road in our van or our former motor home.

Money is tight , motor home is sold but I still have the urge to travel and see what I can even if it is in my own back yard.

I will be traveling the back roads of Texas on a budget. We do not have to travel far to have a fun time.

This picture is one of my favorite lunch places in Richmond Texas... Maggie McGee's. They have a fantastic Chicken Salad Sandwich ...

Inside is colorful and cheery

The building is suppose to be haunted by this gentleman. I have not seen him.... yet

Hope to continue my journey of Texas bit by bit.. grace

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Travelling Rants said...

liked it..looking forward for more write up..