Saturday, July 17, 2010

Returning To The Home Of My Childhood In Baytown Texas

They say you can not go home .. wonder why.. my sister and I did go back home a couple of weeks ago. Okay just to see the home we lived in with our parents in Baytown Texas in the early 1950's . This was a hard time for our family. I was almost 4 years old and my sister was just about 2 years old. Our sweet mama came down with the horrible polio disease. There are three types and she just happened to come down with all three of them. The doctors told my Dad that she would probably not make it. Guess God wasn't ready for her. She lived until February 1998.

That is me with my mouth open .. glad a bug didn't fly in and my sister Mary.

Well back to Baytown. Since we plan to move back to Minnesota after a year and a half living in the Houston area. My sister Mary with her hubby and my hubby and I decided to take a quick trip down to Baytown to see if we could find the house and then off to the library to copy the newspaper articles from that time that mentioned my mother.

This is the house we lived in . It was a duplex then. Sure must of been tiny.

The hospital my sister was born in, mama was taken to a hospital in Houston when she got polio.

And of course where we had lunch before heading back to home.

Can not remember the name of the cafe but had really good Cheeseburgers.
My darling of a hubby
and sister and brother in law. We had a great day, saw the old house and had a great cheeseburger. Life is great.

Thanks for stopping by.. come again Grace

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Carolyn said...

Looks Iike u had a really good day- it is nice to step back awhile isn't it!!