Saturday, June 28, 2008

We have begun the dream

For some time Lowell and I have dreamt of traveling in our RV with spooky the CAT. Spooky is a small 15 year old black cat. She got her name because she is afraid of just about everything. It is important to realize tho that she is Queen of all she observes. She rules what ever roost we are in.

We left Chula Vista on May 5th 2008 and started out towards Minnesota. Our granddaughter Dani was graduating from high school, I wanted to see my 86 year old Dad and Lowell's mama had passed on and we were to have a celebration of her wonderful full life at Lowell's brother Ken's home. We have 5 children between us and 13 wonderful grandchildren to see and visit with. So off we went for an adventure in our new RV.

First stop was in Las Vegas at the KOA park. This is a very nice park right off of the strip. It has a friendly staff and is within a walk to Circus Circus and fairly reasonable considering where you are. I am sad to say it will be gone soon. Another big building will replace this hidden paradise for the RVer.

We continued our travel up and down the mountains. The winds were strong rocking us as we went. Rained day after day but still we were following a dream.

We passed over the hoover dam where we had breakfast at a roadside Casino and had our motor home checked out by two handsome Federal agents. They were nice enough to pose with us. Too bad my son in law David was not with us so I could embarrass him again by saying " Oh Officer" " Oh Officer" which I did in New York City at Central Park.

Next stop was a sight we have passed before but never took the time to visit. Craters of the Moon. This is a monster of a crater that was created over 55,000 years ago. It is an awsome sight and worth the time and money to visit.

After that another wonder. Roswell, New Mexico. Did an UFO crash there? Is the goverment hiding something? Everone has an opinion but is a fun place to spend a bit of time. We stayed overnight at a small RV park. Clean and friendly site. Breakfast was at the Cowboy Cafe. This is a small little cafe with good hometown food just off the main drag.

This is a small part of our trip towards Minnesota. Will return soon
Good night all

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