Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Touring New York City

We may not always be able to travel as much as we would like due to finances, but if we take the time to take photos, find some fun post cards to bring home we can always return to the memories of our fun adventures. My dh and I have had many wonderful adventures in our 20 years ago. We have traveled much of the US. What memories we have. As I sit and sort the photos I am back in New York City. We were there before that awful day in 2001. We had a small hotel room just off Broadway and 42nd street. We went to the top of the hotel and there was a small bar. There we sat and had a drink and almost next to us was the Empire State Building. We took the subway to Battery Park, took the ferry to the Ellis island to see the Statue of Liberty. We joined a bus group to tour New York city. On this tour a wonderful man was our tour guide. A life time New Yorker accent and all . He showed us Greenwich village, we ate chinese in China Town, took the ferry to Staten Island, and best of all visited the Twin towers just before midnight. We rode all the way to the top and drank champagne and ate chocolate strawberries at Windows on the World Restaurant as we looked out over the city. We could see the Statue of Liberty from there what a wonderful site that was. That memory will always be with me. A pleasant memory but also a sad memory. The staff was young, pleasant and helpful. I remember them often and say a little prayer. I love New York City. The people, the taxi's and the noise and of course the wonderful deli's.

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